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    How do I save (lock) the color in one box?

    Robert James Wines

      I can't seem to save the color's I'd like. I save a color in box one, move to the next, start adjusting the slide bar and the color in box one starts changing.

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          shrastogi Adobe Employee

          Hi Robert,


          In order to unlock a color you need to make sure Custom harmony rule is selected in "Select Rule" section. The Custom rule will unlink your colors so that you can move the color markers around the wheel individually.


          Here is brief description of other rules.

          Analogous Rule: It gives colors directly next to the base color at certain angle. Space between two adjacent colors remains same as in others. Therefore, changing a slider would change the angle between two adjacent colors & hence, other colors would adjust accordingly.


          Monochromatic Rule: It gives colors(tints & shades) of a single hue(base color). Change in a slider will change the color value, hence other colors also change to be on the same hue.


          Triad Rule: It uses three colors that are equally spaced from each other on the color wheel.


          Complementary Rule: It uses two colors that complementary to each other.


          Shades: It gives brighter & darker shades of the base color.


          Happy coloring!! J

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