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    Problem with Interactive Buttons


      Hi all,

      I seem to be having trouble with Interactive Buttons.


      InDesign CS5 - Version 7.0.3


      I create a document with 2 pages (Facing Pages is checked).

      I add a text box to each page, Page one's text box says "1" and page two's says "2".

      Page two's text box I right click and select Interactive | New Hyperlink Destination - Type: Page, Page: 2, Zoom Setting: Fixed

      On Page one I add a sample button from the buttons panel.

      I select the button and then display the buttons panel.

      I remove the default "Go To URL" action and add an action of "Go To Destination" using the Event of "On Release"


      When I preview the page from the "Preview" panel, I click "Play" and can see the first page and the button (great), but when I click the button, nothing happens.


      The mouse changes as I mouse over the button, the state of the button changes to the rollover state... all seems well but it doesn't actually perform the action of going to the next page.


      I have tried exporting to PDF and making sure that "Include Bookmarks" and "References" is checked as well as making sure that "Create Tagged PDF" is checked but the exported pdf doesn't run the action either!


      What am I doing wrong? It seemed so easy when I looked at some video tutorials on how to do it.


      Any help would be much appreciated.





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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          You're exporting to PDF (Print), by the sound of it, and buttons don't work in Print PDF. Try exporting to PDF(Interactive).


          And update ID to 7.0.4

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            AndyHoughton Level 1

            Hi Peter,


            Thanks for the fast response.

            I fixed the issue with the preview window (saw a previous post).

            However the Export options I have are:


            Adobe PDF Presets...



              High Quality Print


            PDF/X- 3:2002

            PDF/X- 4:2008

              Press Quality

              Smallest File Size




            Export For....

              Buzzword (greyed out)




            If I choose Export... I cannot see an option for exporting to PDF (Interactive) no matter which options or types of PDF I select.

            However, my PDF opens in Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro - is that the issue? Even if I open it in Adobe Reader 9.3 it doesn't work.



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              AndyHoughton Level 1



              Thanks to Peter who pointed me in the right direction I now have this working.


              Select File | Export... from the menu.

              On the Export dialog that appears, select Adobe PDF (Interactive) from the "Save As Type" dropdown box.

              Select your preferred options on the Export to Interactive PDF dialog which appears.