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    Flex mobile ButtonSkin - multiline

    JamieCrow Level 1

      Hi, I can see how to extend and add my own borderskins to ButtonSkin, I can't however find away to make the text multiline. I would have though I should override createChildren and set a property on labelDisplay and labelDisplayShadow. I've tried lots of thing with no success. Could someone post an example?

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          Carol L. Frampton Level 2

          It sort of depends on what kind of Text component is in the skin.


          If the Text component is a subclass of TextField then look at TextField wordWrap.  Don't be confused by TextField multiline which refers to how the Enter key is processed on input.


          You can also use an explicit line break to get the text to wrap.


              <s:Button label="{'mobile multiline\nbutton'}"/>