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    Word File Won't Place Completely


      I am trying to place a Word document of about 200 pp. If I do a shift click, InDesign places the first 8 pp. It shows a continuation market on the last one. If I click that and place, it copies the same pages.


      Any work around?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          In my experience, an overset when placing a word file like this is usually caused by soem condition inthe file that prevents the next line of text from fitting into the width of the frame.


          I've seen cases of No Break applied too liberally, preventing entire paragraphs or even entire stories from breaking, stings of text with hyphnation turned off and words separated by non-breaking spaces, and paragraph indents that are so large there is no space left in the column for the text, among other things.


          Best bet is to open the story in Story editor and take a look at the first line or two after the overset marker and see what sort of styling and formatting is applied.