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    Loading PDF file using Stageview

    Ahmer Rafiq



      I am desperately trying to get this problem fixed as it's a make or break situation for my prototype.


      I've created a sample eBook using Adobe InDesign, and I tried exporting it as a SWF file to load in my flex mobile project, but the performance on the playbook is very slow and lags a lot, and I can't get any additional functinality to work such as page transitions, zoom, search, etc.


      So I exported the eBook as an interactive PDF, added Javascript to the created PDF to recognize commands such as page navigation, finding the page number, basic search, zoom in/out and an interactive TOC. I was able to get everything working on the adobe flash builder simulator on my desktop, but unfortunately the PDF doesn't open in the playbook


      I've uploaded a link to a sample project that has the code for the view that loads the PDF using Stageview.. please anyone if you can help me then I would greatly apprecaite it.


      This is about 4 months of work and will be a big problem if I cant get the PDF to load.


      Thanks in advance


      Please see link to project: