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    DVD-R made from PRE10 will not copy.


      I can not make copies in Nero or Ashampoo of a DVD-R I made in PRE 10 on a Win & 64 bit PC.  If I use PRE 8 I can copy the DVD.  The copy programs fail reading the DVD not writing the original. The movie is 17 minutes long.  Why can't I copy the DVD.  It will play OK.  Any suggestions?

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          A solution you might try, that should be system independant, is to take your existing copy, and make an iso of it. You can use the freely available program, imgburn, and you should be able to both read in the DVD, create an iso from it, and reburn the iso to as many disks as you want, using the same program. Google for it, and get some helpful info on how to use this simple but effective program.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Copying a DVD disc is one of the worst ways to duplicate your movie, FWIW. Sometimes copying a home-burned copy just results in a non-playable disc.


            The best way to make several copies of a DVD is to select the option to burn the DVD to a folder on your hard drive rather than directly to a disc. Then burning off copies is a simple as copying the VIDEO_TS folder.


            That said, there is technically no reason you can't use Nero to duplicate a DVD, CD or any other disc. Nero is perfectly capable of doing it -- and there is nothing Premiere Elements does that makes a disc copy protected.


            If Nero won't do it, try the free download ImgBurn.