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    A couple of questions


      Hello guys, a few questions:


      1. It seems that under OS X the system allocates more resources to the program that's "on top". Is this true? And does it help to keep AE on top during rendering?

      Also if it's true, what should be "on top" if I'm using the BG render through the console?


      2. I have a Lion MBP, 4GB RAM, 2.5C2D, NVIDIA 9600M 512MB

      What would be the optimal settings as far as Previews, Media&Disk Cache and Memory&Multiprocessing?


      3. Is there a mobile app for adobe forums?



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First thing I do is buy more memory, a lot more memory. You can do it for next to nothing nowadays. Secondly Adobe forums work fine on an iPhone. I don't know about the android. You can do everything but edit. I even using Siri to make this post.


          There's not much that you can do to improve performance unless you add more memory.