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    LR3 seems to be set as my "default" photo editor. Don't want that!

    sw1961 Level 1

      Can anyone tell me where I can change what my default photo editor to what I want. Each time I plug anything that MIGHT have a photo on it activates LR3 causing me to wait until it fully launches and then I have to cancel the import process and then go to file and exit.

      My LR3 window is a little two large for the screen and I can't see the red X or the min. button or any other options. I also can't see/find the tools that should show up on the left side of the window. The screen resolution is set an the recommended for my computer and all other programs, but I guess I haven't tried to change it to resolve this issue.


      If anyone can give me a suggestion to resolve the software opening without being commanded to, and how to see the tools, etc please let me know.