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    Font problem Win to Mac?

    Professor S. Level 1

      I have been searching all day for an answer and have run out of things to try.

      I am using D8 for my Windows app and D10 (projecter only)  for Mac because the D8 projector will no longer work on Macs (but the D8 files will witht eh D10 projector). I have D11.5 but none of my Xtras work like POM and Resx, and budi.

      I am using the Party font in my Windows app for signatures on documents and can install the font with my installer. I have no installer for Mac and so this time I tried embedding the Party font and finally got it to work.

      Now,  I have D8 files with the embedded font and they won't work with the Windows D8 or D10 projector.  What do I do to get a cursive font on the Mac from Windows?  I can't call a Mac font in Windows.  I tried the fontmap.txt file in the app directory according to the documentation, but it does not work.  I used Win: Party   =>  Mac:"Lucida Handwrriting"

      So embedding fonts according to the instructions does not work in Windows as it does in a Mac projector.  Why not? WHat am I supposed to do?  The fontmap.txt does not work according to the directions so I can't remove the embedded font in the MAc files.  So what do I do?

      How do I get a cursive font in the Mac for signatures without having to keep two sets of files?  I cannot find a solution or anyone who resolved this problem.  Please help, thanks!

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          rduane Level 1

          If I'm not mistaken, that fontmap.txt file is for use with fonts that are NOT embedded in the Director cast.  Also, there is something in the text file itself that explains how if you want to change the font mapping associated with a Director movie that has already been created (i.e. before you edited the fontmap file), then you have to "Load" that new fontmap in the movie properties (in the property inspector).  But let's forget about that fontmap file for now.  You're supposed to be able to embed a font into the Director cast, and then use that embedded font on either platform.  I've seen people complaining about this feature in the lastest version(s) of Director, and in fact I too have had trouble sometimes getting Director to realize that a font is embedded, but this seems to be in Author mode.  Once you do convince the program that the font is really embedded, and get it to use that embedded font, and create your projectors, the font seems to keep working OK in the projector.  Here's an extremley simple example I made with "Lucida Handwriting" embedded in the cast, and one text member that uses that font in the middle of the stage.  The font appeared correctly for me in both the PC exe and the Mac app created from this movie (both created on the Mac):