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    SWFLoader in itemRenderer causes memory leak in AIR

    lizsterine Level 1

      I have multiple Flash Builder projects that stem from a shared code base.  In the projects I have a couple of lists that have itemRenderers which contain SWFLoaders that load in swfs made in Flash.  These swfs have multiple MovieClips which I control through ActionScript in my Flash Builder based classes.


      The itemRenders don't garbage collect for my AIR 3.1 projects - a Desktop and an iOS.  (The iOS uses it's own version of the itemRenderer extended from spark's LabelItemRender for mobile).  For my Web project, which uses the same classes and itemRenderers as my Desktop one, garbage collects fine.


      Is there something I may need to do to make sure these clear for AIR projects or is this an AIR/SWFloader bug I see references to all of the net?


      Any info or thoughts would be much appreciated!