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    Support for Leaf backs?

    D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      In about a month's time I will have a Leaf or PhaseOne back at my disposal. We are currently in the research phase, and have so far narrowed down the candidates to Leaf Aptus II 7 or 10, and PhaseOne P45+ or P65+.


      Looking at the ACR supported cameras list, I notice that the PhaseOne backs are supported, but the Leaf Aptus II 10 (at 56MP) is not on the list:

      leaf acr.png


      But on the Mamiya Leaf website, they claim full ACR/Lr support for all models:

      mamiya leaf.png


      Although I may be using CaptureOne for tethered shooting, ACR/Lr support is a must. So is this just an oversight, or will it eventually be supported, or should I just take the Aptus II 10 off my list?