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    Corrupted Preset Causing Premiere Elements 10 to Crash


      I recently upgraded from Premiere Elements 4.0 to PE 10.0. I was in the middle of several projects, all of which I have been able to successfully open/edit/etc. in PE 10. However, a Stabilizer effect I'd applied to clips in PE 4 has been showing up as "Offline (filter unavailable)" in the effect properties of the clip. This hasn't been too much of an issue; I've been just deleting that effect and replacing it with 10's Stabilizer, which seems to work better anyway.


      I went to save a clip's set of effects as a preset for one of my projects (my custom presets didn't transfer over to 10) and included the "Offline (filter unavaible)" effect on accident. After I saved this as a custom preset, whenever I try to go into the "My Presets" section in "Effects" Premiere 10 crashes.


      Does anyone know where the "My Presets" are stored on my computer so that I can go in and delete that one?