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    Unable to uninstall old Version of Flash Player on Mac Lion 10.7.3 64 bit....


      Problem is as such:I have been trying to update to Flash Player for the umpteeth time. After installing newest version it shows in Preferences as and yet when I use the check flash player status webpage it states that I have version FP installed.

      Now I have uninstalled Flash and Shockwave using the appropriate uninstallers. Now I have no Adobe folder under applications, Nothing in system preferences/ nothing in library and yet if I use either Firefox or Safari it still displays embedded video i.e. Youtube, and facebook embedded video states I need to install/upgrade to the latest version. If I check FP version webpage still states that my version is


      Sounds like a broken installation of some kind. I am running iMac Lion 10.7.3 64 bit Safari 5.1.3 Firefox 10.0.2. Any one have any Ideas?


      Thanks in advance