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      Hi ,


      When i am trying to refresh my page after putting the computer back from sleep , I am getting an exception on my page like this.


      Fault Code: Client.Error.Subscribe

      Message: The consumer was not able to subscribe to its target destination


      Most of the times these kind of errors popup on my screen.


      My code looks something like this


      " consumer.addEventListener(MessageEvent.MESSAGE, messageReceived, false,0,true);

                                              consumer.addEventListener(MessageFaultEvent.FAULT, messageFaulted, false,0,true); "


      and looks like this always receiving a fault event. so messageFaulted method is being called where i show popup about the above mentioned error.


      private function messageFaulted(event: MessageFaultEvent):void


                                    logger.info("Message faulted for {0}" , getQualifiedClassName(this));

                                    Alert.show("Error pushing data for this component:\n"+getQualifiedClassName(this)+

                                               "\n\nFault Code: "+event.faultCode+"\n\nMessage: "+event.faultDetail, "Push Message Fault");



      So what are the scenarios when we receive fault event and what are the ways to solve this problem.


      We are using Push feature of blazeds.


      Can some of you help to figure out whats causing this problem?