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    Crash reporting

    B4stien Newcomer

      Hi everyone,


      Is there a special way of sending crash reports from an extension? What I want is that each time a crash occurs on our users machine I receive a notification with a stack trace.


      Here are my questions:


      - Is there a library for this (something that would intercept all the extension crashes) and maybe let me define a url where to send the stack trace to?

      - How to show a stack trace in ActionScript?

      - How to intercept all exceptions extension wide?



      Best regards.

      -- Bastien

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          John Hawkinson Rockstar

          I am not aware of anyone who has done this.

          What is your extension written in (C++, AS3, JavaScript, CSSDK, Extension Builder, AppleScript, hybrid?), and are you concerned with crashes of InDesign, or cases where your script abnormally terminates but InDesign keeps running fine?


          I assume you can catch any exceptions in AS3 with try/catch. But my AS3 knowledge is very basic, so perhaps there is more to it than that?


          Do you have to support both Windows and Macintosh?

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            B4stien Newcomer

            Hi John,


            My extension is in ActionScript and I'm using Extension Builder, we're supporting both Mac and Windows. What I'm interested about is cases where my script terminates.

            Try/Catch is probably the way to go, but I'm more wondering where to put it, what I mean is that I'd rather not put it all over the place, but have one "global" try/catch that would intercept any exception happening within the extension. Now that might not be possible since the code execution in ActionScript is asynchronous, but I was wondering if there where any mechanism that would allow it.


            What I had in mind is something similar to Testflight (https://testflightapp.com) but for adobe extensions instead of iPhone apps.

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              John Hawkinson Rockstar


                I am definitely not a good person to be answering AS3 questions. You are probably much better off asking in the CS SDK Forum, http://forums.adobe.com/community/creativesuites/cs_sdk.


              I think use of try/catch really depends on how you have structured your code.


              At first I thought you were asking about the InDesign process crashing.

              Good luck.

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                B4stien Newcomer

                Thanks for your help John, I'll take it to that forum.