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    Query returning different results from coldfusion

    Srinivas VK Level 1



      I have below query which is returning the previous day results also. when i am executing the same query in query tool its returning the only today's orders. recently we have migrated the servers and coldfusion to newer versions, after the migration we are facing this issue.


      below the query:

      select eoo_dist_organization, eoo_dist_po_no, eoo_insertdatetime, eoo_order_date, eoo_is_acknowledged from edi_orders

      where eoo_insertdatetime >= '01-Mar-2012 00:00:00' AND

      eoo_insertdatetime <= '01-Mar-2012 23:59:59'

      order by eoo_insertdatetime desc


      Normally this query should return only todays' orders but its returning yesterday orders also. As per my observation this query works till 6:30PM EST(returns only today's orders) after 6:30 PM EST it also returns the yesterday's orders also. Does any one faced this issue. what could be the issue.