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    After Effects won't load my media.


      Hi guys. My name is Andrew. I am kind of new film maker, (i still have a lot to learn). Anyway, i have recently working on a project in After Effects CS4. Basically i shot some scenes with two different cameras. My Camera is writing in a format with extension  ".m2ts", and my friend's camera is writing in a format with extension ".mpg". Well i used to convert those files in ".avi" extension so i could work in After Effects, but i am losing a little bit of the quality of my media. So once i tried to import directly to After Effects. I was surprised because it actually worked, with no problems i was working with my project. One day my After Effects Crashed, and i reinstalled it. When i opened my project again, everything was good instead that i got a message telling me that After Effects couldn't open ".m2ts" and ".mpg" Files. Since then i don't know what to do. Any help is better than nothing


      Thank you for reading

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Use the Creative Suite Cleaner Tool and reinstall everything from scratch, including any otehr Adobe stuff you may have on your system. CoDecs do not always get fixed by just reinstalling AE, when there is also Premiere or encore on teh system using those same CoDecs. if you installed any CoDec packs recently, also get rid of those...



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            Drikos Level 1

            Hi "Mylenium". Thank you for your quickly response. I will try this tomorrow and i will give my feedback. Thank you again!

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              Drikos Level 1

              Hi "Mylenium". I have tried your way to fix my problem. I had installed Premier Pro CS4, After Effects CS4 and Bridge CS4. When I used the tool. It successfully removed my Premier Pro, and Bridge, but it did nothing to my After Effects CS4. I still can’t import”.m2ts” formats and it seems like it doesn’t removed and plugins that I had installed. If you have any other idea, I would glad to hear it.

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                Dave LaRonde Level 6

                Mylenium's probably right, but here's something to try BEFORE you jump into the deep end of the pool and reinstall:


                Convert the footage to Quicktime movies in either the Animation or PNG codecs.  Personally, I'd go for PNG.  The reason: AE 9 does NOT react well to m2t & mpeg files: they utilize inTERframe compression as opposed to inTRAframe compression.


                Give it a shot before the reinstall & see what happens.  No joy?  Listen to Mylenium.

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                  Drikos Level 1

                  Thank you all, for your help that you provided me. My problem is solved. After I finished using the tool “Mylenium” gave me, I tried to import my “.m2ts” files, but they still had problems. Then I restarted my system and opened the Adobe Master Collection CS4 Installer, when the process for my system check finished the installer didn’t find that After Effects were still on my system. So the tool that “Mylenium” gave me removed after effects from registry. I simply installed After Effects, Photoshop, Premier Pro and Bridge from Custom installation, and it seems like the installer overwrite the after effects files. After the successful installation, I ran After Effects and tried to import again “.m2ts” file. And then it worked. Now I can import directly my files to after effects.


                  Thank you “Mylenium” for the tool and thank you “Dave LaRonde” for your advice, I will use it in the future.


                  God bless you, and the forums communities