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    InDesign skips footnotes when importing Word doc or rtf




      I wonder if anyone has a recipe for importing Word documents with troublesome footnotes.


      On some documents, InDesign skips the occasional footnote, placing a pink marker instead.

      Unfortunately the association between the remaining footnotes and their text anchors is then thrown off, such that footnote text N is attached to text anchor N+1 (and the step increases with each missed footnote).


      I have tried various Word formats: rtf, doc, docx. The best one seems to be doc, but even then the problem occurs. I have also tried removing all character format overrides in and around the footnote while still in Word, but that doesn't help either.


      LibreOffice/OpenOffice is able to open these files without problem, and I have even tried re-exporting them in those various formats from LibreOffice, but still no luck ...


      It's quite a nuisance in book-lenght texts if one then has to re-paste all the footnotes from that point onwards, so any insights would be greatly appreciated.


      (Reading about all the problems with InDesign crashing on imports, maybe one should start an opensource project of creating a reliable RTF to IDML filter...)


      Many thanks!

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          It's drag.


          You are right, trying "all" avaliable import formats is the thing. (Yes, I say "all" because the only choice you have is between RTF, DOC, and DOCX. All Microsoft Word formats ...) Unfortunately, if that doesn't work, you have to resort to stronger measures.


          Do you have any older version of InDesign? You don't mention which version you are using (I presume "the latest"); CS3 usually has no problems importing the same file, and then you could save that, open into your current version, and copy the text into your document.


          Do you have any older of Word lying around or installed on another system? Opening an RTF or DOC and re-saving with an older version may also help.