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    Error 150 30 - files don't exist

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      I just reinstalled Lion onto my old MacBook and restored the back-up from my new MacBook (which I'm sending back and swapping for an iMac). Although now when I try and open After Effects CS4 I get the following error: 150 30.



      Naturally I googled this and found this: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/512/cpsid_51260.html



      However, problem is...the files and folders they refer to don't exist on my system. I've gone to the 'Go' menu and held down option key to access the system library, but nowhere can I find FlexNet Publisher/

      or Adobe PCD/



      I have also got a trial version of CS5.5 which works fine. I did a clean install from the disks on the new MacBook and have since cleared the hard drive. It didn't ask me for anything other than the serial code.



      Happy to delete and re-install, but according the link I posted, I need to delete some folders which don't exist on my system.



      Any ideas appreciated.

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          There's nothing to delete because it's not there. Those folders only exist after proper installs, or more to the point the encryprted licensing files the program reports as missing, since they are generated and system specific. Simply go ahead with running the uninstaller/ installer. Just in case you may wanna have a look at this, also.