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    HTTPService not reading updated xml, i've been having to refresh the xml in my browser manually

      I am calling an HTTPService (id=data2php) which runs a php script which creates an xml doc and puts it on my server. i then call another HTTPService (id=feedRequest) which reads the xml doc. i then try to populate a datagrid with the lastResult of my HTTPService that reads the xml doc. My issue is that that the HTTPService which reads the xml doc reads the previous incarnation of the xml doc, not the newly created one that my HTTPService (data2php) created. i've been manually going to the xml doc in my browser and hitting refresh for my feedRequest HTTPService to read the updated xml.

      here is the mxml for the httpservice that reads the xml:
      <mx:HTTPService id="feedRequest" url=" http://cfcdi.org/eric/dashboard/php/sales.xml" result="feedResult(event)" resultFormat="xml" useProxy="false"/>

      pretty straight forward.

      (actually, once in a while it will read the updated one)