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    Internal SSD or external HDD for cache and previews?

    Stephan Valkenier Level 1

      I am looking at buying a laptop for editing and I have a question on the disk lay-out that I should use. I'll be using a Crucial M4 128gb SSD for OS and an internal WD Caviar Black 720gb 7200rpm for data. I know general advice is to use a third drive. I could connect another 7200rpm drive over usb3 or esata to use for cache and previews, but my question is wether this will be faster than just using the SSD for this purpose? I mean, will an external traditional drive beat an internal SSD? Ofcourse I'd run out of space quicker using just the SSD and having something external to share data is pretty useful, but looking just at performance, do you expect one or the other to be a lot faster in terms of general use, final rendering, etc? I'll mainly be editing Full-Hd footage from the 5d... Thanks, Stephan