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    Printing Permissions


      Some of our clients are unable to print PDFs downloaded from our Adobe Content Server.  We have the permissions set correctly for the Distributor, but they don't seem to transfer to the client's Adobe Digital Editions.  Everything else seems to work OK.  Has anyone else had a similar problem?

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          Jim_Lester Level 4

          Did you take a look at the resulting licenses that were generated to see if they have print permission?

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            McBubsey Level 1

            The correct permissions always show up in Adobe Digital Editions when I test it.  However, some customers do not have the "Item Info" in their reading menu, others just have 0 pages allowed. Is there a way to view the permissions of the resulting licenses other than in Adobe Digital Editions on the customers computer?


            Is there a way I can view the permissions from an acsm file or by other means?

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              Jim_Lester Level 4

              unzip the epub and look at META-INF/rights.xml  is the easiest way (PDFs are bit more of a pain to deal with).

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                ashzerodg Level 1

                We are having the same issue. Our permissions are set to allow a user to print 4 pages with and additional page every 4 days, capped at 25 pages at a time.


                Everything looks good in the admin console, and looks good in Digital Editions, except for the fact that it says 0 pages available. And it never adds the additional pages, even if you wait days and days.


                It also seems random, some books have the pages available and some dont. Some that are in my library used to work perfectly and now all of the sudden only show 0 pages, then at the same time I noticed this happening our customers have noticed it happening.


                Very odd.