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    InDesign Server :line 13: 2753 Bus error "$installed_name" "$@"


      [InDesign Server CS4, CS5, CS5.5    line 13: 2753 Bus error "$installed_name" "$@"]


      We support a few clients on various version of InDesign Server and all have exactly the same issue upon having the application produce PDF files...   line 13: 2753 Bus error "$installed_name" "$@"   which causes InDesign Server to unexpectedly quit.


      Searching these forums we have found CS3 instances of this error message pointing to fonts not loaded on the machine running InDesign Server, but no "this is what we did to fix it" solution has been found.


      Our customers are running beefed up MacPros or Mac Minis with Mac OS 10.6 (non server) and OS 10.7 (server), 8GB - 16GB RAM, 1TB HD


      For font management we have the following being utilized:

      - Universal type server

        - if no plugin exists for InD Server, not sure how much this app will help manage fonts


      - Suitcase Server

      - if no plugin exists for InD Server, not sure how much this app will help manage fonts


      - Loading all fonts into:   /Users/*/Library/Fonts

        - seems to be the best option for font management on a system running InDesign Server


      Our company develops a plugin for InDesign Server and allows regular InDesign to produce the pdfs in a similar manner.  Running our plugin under regular InDesign we DO NOT have these issues of BUS errors, yet as soon as any of our customers utilize InDesign Server, they all immediately see BUS errors.


      We have written a shell script that quits (normally) indesign server, and relaunches it (if quit abnormally) so that we have some semblance of an "always on" InDesign Server application, but this is merely a band-aid fix for a bigger problem.


      We are pointing the finger at Adobe InDesign Server being the problem here, yet our customers do not care where the blame is placed, we are seeing a solution for them in any fashion that presents a permanent solution.




      Julio Vasquez

      Product Specialist @ Comosoft, Inc.