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    Why does camera raw change my image?


      I have had this issue a while now and can't figure out how to change this. When I upload my images from the camera they are exactly how I wnat them in Bridge. Then when I zoom in on the image or open in ACR the image seems blown out and orange or has magenta tones in it. Because the image changes so much Iend up spending lots of time fixing in ACR rather than inhancing in ACR. Can someone please help me. I am using PS CS4, Windows7 and I shoot in RAW.


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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          To me the images in Bridge look too green and the one in ACR looks better, but the point is that Bridge and ACR are showing two different things, and they shouldn’t.


          An issue like this is usually one of two things:  a problem computing or displaying the previews in Bridge or a problem displaying things in the right color profile where Bridge and ACR might react differently to this problem.


          Bridge and ACR should both showing you the Adobe-rendering, with the in-camera JPG previews only momentarily showing until Bridge has called on ACR to recompute the preview.


          A few things to check:


          1)    A corrupted preview cache could be preventing Bridge from displaying the previews correctly so purge that cache using Bridge / Edit / Preferences / Cache / Purge Cache button.  You might also run a disk check on the system volume that the Bridge cache location is set to.  You could also try purging the Camera RAW Cache in Bridge / Edit / Camera RAW Preferences.  You can also purge the cache for a specific folder of files using Tools / Cache / Purge Cache For….


          2)    A display-driver issue can be affected by the setting in Bridge / Edit / Preferences / Advanced / Used Software Rendering so toggle it to what it wasn’t and see if anything changes.  You might need to restart Bridge and/or your computer for this to actually change anything.


          3)    Also check to make sure you’ve not set Bridge / Edit / Preferences / General / Do-Not-Process-Files-Larger-Than to something small like 1MB.




          Some other questions:


          A)    If you open one of the images from ACR into Photoshop, does it look the same as in Bridge or the same as in ACR?


          B)    When you open Bridge on a folder of never-seen RAW images, do you see the thumbnails momentarily change from one thing to another, or do they never change?  You should see it change.


          C)    Do you calibrate your monitor with a hardware calibrator, and if so which one?  Do you know if you are generating ICC2 or ICC4 profiles for your monitor?


          D)    Are you running with the latest display-drivers from your video card and what version are they for what model of card?


          E)    Do you see the same problem if you open a camera-JPG rather than a camera-RAW file in Bridge and ACR?

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            Theresadub4d Level 1

            When I shoot I do shoot in RAW and my "picture style" is set to neutral, I prefer the less saturated tones for the skin. Unfortunatlly that is not translating well in ACR.


            I tried your first tip and that didn't do much other than change the image to the original state as in my camera on bridge.  Tried the second tip and that option is greyed out as if i don't have access to that and there is a check in the box. Tip 3 I am not sure the directions you gave are right, because I don't see anything like that.


            answers to you questions:


            A. The image is the same as in ACR

            B.they don't change at all if i don't use the magnifier or open it in ACR

            C. I have never calibrated my monitor. I have had it for 3 years though

            D.I don't know how to find my video card

            E. A Jpg stays the same if opened in ACR


            I appreciate your help and insight.

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              Theresadub4d Level 1

              I found my video card I think, it's  Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family, Intel(R) GMA 3100

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                First, I only have CS5 so I may have given some preferences to look at that you don’t have or are available via a different set of clicks in CS4; however, from your responses, the situation seems relatively clear: the image in Bridge is the camera-rendered JPG thumbnail/preview while the image in ACR is the Adobe-rendering and is all you’ll ever be able to produce.


                There are two issues:


                1)      Bridge is not showing you the Adobe Rendering for some reason.  Perhaps Bridge CS4 still has a setting of whether to show high-quality thumbnails/previews or not and if you set this, then you’ll see the Adobe-rendering in Bridge as well.


                2)      You expect the Adobe-rendering to be the same as the camera-rendering, which it can never be.  This is the main issue, although if item 1 was working, you wouldn't be distracted by the in-camera rendering.


                How to produce the camera-rendering is known only to the manufacturer of the camera and anyone who has licensed their technology.  Adobe is a separate corporate entity with no access to the camera-manufacturer’s intellectual property governing how they produce their JPGs,  so Adobe has no way to produce the camera-rendering, nor do they want to.  Adobe wants to produce similar output from different cameras.  Presumably you are using the Adobe Standard camera profile.  If your camera is a Canon or Nikon or one of a few others, then besides Adobe’s standard camera-profile there are others that you can choose from where Adobe has attempted to approximate the in-camera rendering via a profile, although this may or may not be that close, it will be closer than using Adobe Standard as your profile.  You can find the camera profiles in ACR using the tab that looks like a black camera, 3rd from the right.  If you find a different camera profile more to your liking, then you can set that as your ACR default so newly processed images will have that new profile.  Besides chaning the profile, you can also dial back the saturation or vibrance and save that as your new ACR defaults.


                I should warn you that the images in your screen-shot from Bridge have a slight greenish tinge and is quite pale-looking to my eyes, and the ACR view looks more natural.  It may be that your monitor, being uncalibrated, is distorting the colors and so your processing produces colors that everyone else will see as odd if they are viewed on different computers.  If you only ever use your processing to create prints and those prints look ok,  then perhaps this is not a problem, but if you produce web galleries for outsiders to view on their own computers, then it could be a problem.  It also could be that you and I are seeing the same thing and just differ in our preference for natural skintones.  If I had to guess, I'd say the screen-capture you have opened in Photoshop was done with an sRGB profile assigned as your monitor profile, but your color-settings in Photoshop assigned an Adobe RGB profile without doing the profile conversion and so the screen-capture as displayed in Photoshop does not actually look like the original screen in Bridge.

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                  Hi all-

                  I've noticed the same thing with my CS4 as well, and tried the above solutions but with no success either. I use Win.7 64, AMD Radeon video card, Nikon D40 camera.

                  I loved the way that Bridge was showing my RAW image previews/thumbs, but when I opened them in ACR and then Photoshop, they weren't as lovely as the previews- colors weren't as bright, image was duller all around...and nothing in ACR could make it look exactly the same.

                  What I did find today (while trying the above suggestions) was that after I cleared the cache, and then set the Bridge view settings to "always high quality", and "use software rendering", everything looked much the same in all "viewports" (with minor differences since I have two monitors by different manufacturers). They aren't the lovely image previews I was getting before, but they are more like what they'll actually open as in Ps. Maybe this will work for other people too??

                  Now, how to figure out what settings that Bridge uses in it's "use embedded" settings so that we can get those into Ps! Seems like ACR isn't reading the embedded camera info correctly??


                  P.S. I tried it without "software rendering" checked as well, and I got the same results as with, so I don't think that it makes a difference- at least on my machine...

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                    ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Your information about the CS4 preference to use "always high quality" is useful because I only have CS5 and this option no longer exists--and is always on, I think.  Use Software Rendering is still a preference and is there to avoid issues with video drivers that do not handle display-profiles properly.


                    As stated, already, Adobe cannot interpret the camera-settings since they have no knowledge about the camera-rendering methods.  RAW data is just what comes from the sensor and each raw-engine interprets the numbers differently according to their own settings.  The camera manufacturer uses the camera-settings to interpret the RAW data to produce an image, whereas Adobe uses the ACR settings to interpret the RAW data to produce an image.


                    It is interesting to see that the original poster thought ACR's rendering was too bright, whereas the most recent poster thought ACR's rendering was not colorful enough.  The solution is to not expect Adobe and the camera-manufacturer to know anything about what the other is doing, and create your own processing defaults and presets to make the images look how you want them to look, ignoring the camera settings for the most part.

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                      featherwitch Level 1

                      I figured that... at least things are all looking the same now, so I'm not running in circles trying to get that result! Thanks for the tips!