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    Customer Service is Terrible


      How can a company as big and successful as Adobe get away with such bad customer service?  Today a friend told me about an update offer from Elements 9 to CS5 for $299, and that you had to call Adobe to get it.

      1. I called the upgrade sales number and was cheerfully told yes, after looking up my account there is that offer available.  I went through the process, declined the ~$50 upsell for a training manual, and was at the point where he quoted me the sales tax before the phone was disconnected.

      2. No call back.

      3. I called the upgrade sales number back.  The person who answered said the offer expired 2 days ago, and it was "such a long time ago" that he couldn't honor it, but would ask a supervisor -- who said no.  This person said there was no way the other person could have offered this as it  had expired, and thought maybe I talked to someone in customer service who could.  He transferred me to customer service.

      4. Customer service sound like they were in India, and he couldn't hear me even when I repeated loudly.  He hung up.

      5. I called back the upgrade sales number again, and after giving my name she discovered that the supervisor already told me no and she thought the original call did sound like it was from a sales associate since he tried to up-sell me the training, but told me she thought it must have been one of ther new people who hung up on me without notice when they realized the upgrade was no longer available.  She seemed to want to keep me on the phone for a long time to wear me down.

      6. I called back customer service, again I'm pretty sure I was talking to someone in India, and he kept quoting what was on the web-site (upgrade paths from Elements 8 or older, not 9 or 10).  I asked to speak with a supervisor, and he put me on hold twice before hanging up on me.


      Boy I wish there was a viable option than overly priced software with horrible service.  I'm naively hoping that if enough people complain they will do something to improve.