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    LiveCycle Workbench ES2 - restricting application access

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      We have several developer groups accessing different applications within Workbench ES2 (9.5).  We are trying to restrict access to applications so that only the appropriate development groups have read/write access to their Workbench applications.  We have tried using the "manage access" feature of Workbench but it does not work at all (click show remote resources button and then right click on any application and then click manage access).  We have a long standing case open with Adobe to resolve this but in the meantime I am wondering:


      1.  Does anyone out there successfully use this Workbench feature to restrict access to applications?

      2.  Could anyone suggest an alternative to the manage access feature to restrict access?



      It is my understanding that prior to the current release of Workbench there was a repository of sorts in Workbench where you could create folders and then secure anything in those folders by users/groups.  This was accessed using the “resources” tab.  Sure wish that functionality still existed!


      Thanks in advance for any and all help/advice.