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    Audio Drop Down List


      For whatever reason my audio drop down list will not update. It's displaying devices I don't even have installed on my computer anymore. I completely REMOVED an old sound card I had in the computer along with the drivers, however it's still populating in the drop down list.


      I'm trying to use VAC with FMLE and it's not showing in the list. I've tried reinstalling and I've tried other versions of FMLE with no success.


      What in the world is going on here and why doesn't my list populate?

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          christopherdboss Level 1

          Semi update


          So I was able to get rid of the devices that no longer exist on my computer from the list. Only way I could find to do it is by System Restore.


          Problem still lies that I can't get it to update at all. I'm trying to use Virtual Audio Cable to stream games while speaking through my mic, however the option to select the virtual line in FME does not exist. This program doesn't seem to like change all that much. This has been going on for days now with no luck.


          Question: If I use the Y Connector with the straight line to Line In, will I still hear a playback from my mic? This is essentially what I don't want. The reason I'm not using the stereo mixer is because if I have to unmute the mic option and I hear myself through my headphones. You could imagine this gets quite annoying and I end up destroying a sentence because I can hear myself talk.


          Anyhow, any suggestions or replies are welcome and very much appreciated.


          Edit: I guess my initial question wouldn't matter because FME won't update with the "Line In" port actually being an option to pick from. I don't understand this and I've Googled this issue for hours and it seems as though I'm the only person in history to be experiencing this problem.

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            I'm also experiencing this problem.


            Christopherdboss, if you're still around, here's how you solve your microphone issue:


            Make 2 lines

            Make line 1 output your default playback device.



            start 3 instances of audio repeater:

            • Line 1 -> Line 2
            • Line 1 -> Physical speakers/headphones
            • Microphone -> Line 2


            Source: http://lparchive.org/techsupport/guide-vac.html


            Now, the only problem is getting FME to detect line 2...  Can anybody help us?