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    Audio Export issue

    John Novotny Level 1

      One audio clip on my time line isn't exporting with the rest of the video. It's synced audio from an audio recorder and its the only clip that comes out silent. Other audio is rendered. The clip shows up on the time line and plays back normally on the time line. Has anyone had this issue? Is there a solution?

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          John Novotny Level 1

          I "fixed" the issue by exporting to Audition and saving an extracted audio file. It seems to have recognized it. In a test render.


          I had "Master clip" errors whenever I opened the project and the same audio clip wouldn't have any audio in it. I would have to copy the audio track from another project and paste it into this projects timeline and it worked for a while until it AME wouldn't export the said clip. I tried unlinking and relinking the file to no avail.


          I'm also having issues when I open the project none of the media seems to load, its perpetually showing "media pending" to fix this I disable all the clips and then re-enable which brings the associated media into the time line.