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    AE stuck in the middle of project help xD!!


      Hi guys,i started to use AE before couple days and i'm following different tutorials to learn staffs and it's going good so far.But now i'm stack.


      I have created new composition,added text,duplicated it 25 times,added some effects and everything is good.Then i have created 1 more composition (composition 2) and moved composition 1 into comp.2,added some more effects and everything is perfect.Now i want to create 3rd composition,with copying text layers from comp1 and edit text.


      So in first comp there was name ALFA,on second comp i added some fire etc (not important that much coz it affect to whole video not text) and now i need 3rd composition to continue on 2nd one but i want to change text.Instead of ALFA to says BETA.


      Here what i did and what happened,i have created comp 3 ,copied 25 text layers from comp1 (where text is edited) to comp3.All layers are named text,text1,text2....text25...So now i have them on comp3,i adjust times from where comp to start and everything works fine.Now when i try to change text in comp3 to says BETA instead of ALFA (i sellect all layers and double click on layers in comp3,and text window open where is 3 layers of ALFA text) and i change each of them to BETA but it changes to BETA in comp1 and 2 also



      So basically i want to that text effects from comp1 to copy to comp3 and just to change text from ALFA to BETA.Want to avoid new creating text BETA and to adjust all that settings and effects over again.


      So i says once more,everything works ok when i copy,adjust timings but when try to change text in comp3 it changes in comp1 and 2 also.Or i'm not changing it correctly...


      Thanks for help in advance

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          You are not at all understanding nesting and pre-composing, I'm afraid. You need to duplicate items in the project window, if you want to keep them unique, not in the timeline and then it simply becomes a matter of applying your effects to the pre-comp which is a layer in the containing comp, not inside the pre-comp. I seriously recommend you look up some tutorials (the ones about basics, not fancy effects) and read the help.