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    Help!  Need effect!


      I thought that Gallery effects was included in CS3, but can't find them.

      Need a drawn cartoon look.

      I know how to save frames out as psd file for actions in psd, but hope to avoid.

      Help appreciated.


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          bogiesan Level 4

          Might be easier to find a friend or competitor who owes you a favor who has a more recent version of After Effects. I do not even know how you would search for filters that are still available for a product as old as CS3. I guess you'd find cartoon filters for CS5 and 5.5 and then call the publishers to see if their products are compatible with CS3 or if they have previous versions available. Often the API for AE changes from one version to the next; the more sophisticated filters are not backwardly compatible. But many are.

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            leapyear Level 1

            Hi Bogie -

            Are the Gallery effects in CS4 and/or CS5?

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              bogiesan Level 4

              I don't see anything called "gallery" in CS5. There are many different types of cartoon filters. Sorry, I've never heard of Gallery.

              I perhaps could have been more precise. If you can locate a Gallery filter or family of filters, you may require a new version of AE to run it.