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    Converting Positioned Form to Flowable


      I am new to LiveCycle and creating forms in general, but am really needing assistance on a form that I have been working on.


      My goal was to create a form that has flowable text boxes that will continue onto the next page. I began by creating an 8 page form on LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2, which consists of a table, radio buttons, text, and text fields. I have determined how to make continuous text fields that will flow onto the next page by reading other forums and have made my first subform (which is my entire first page) "flowed" from the content drop down list, "Western Text", and checked "Allow Page Breaks with Content." Each of my text fields have "Allow Multiple Lines," "Allow Page Break with Content," and "Expand to Fit" under the Height column checked. When I type into the text field boxes, the text flows onto the following page, but then the page that I have already made is bumped down to a third page. I am hoping to make the document so that their are no gaps or large white spaces. I tried the "Unwrap Subform" button with the second page, but when I do this my entire formatting is lost. I tried simply reformatting the page, but all of my text fields and radio buttons are now aligned on the left side of the page and I am not able to move them.


      I have tried adding positioned subforms within the second page before I choose to "Unwrap Subform," but that has not worked. Is this something that can be fixed using the Hierarchy?

      I tried to make a Master Page and am not familiar with how to make different Master Pages for a flowable document.


      If anyone has any pointers or tips I would greatly appreciate it.


      Thank you!