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    How do I remove the little bulls eye dragger and tabs

    Garrett Connelly Level 1



      I up dated something and IDCS6 went back to having the little bullseye photo content dragger and tabs, both of which I don't like and wish to inclutter.


      Also, it is totally irritating that Adobe seeks to dominate my screen and won't save and open at the proper working size and position for the file, I know this is a bureaucratic committee decision to attempt to force customers to use the btidge but I don't use it and never will. Please take note, Gimp is as good as photoshop and someday there will be something as good as InDesign. Why not try and please the customer rather than force a bureaucratic tool that not everyone wants? I've been using Adobe since 1998 and know that you can save the position and work space size if you wish.