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    Flash CS 5.5 crash has deleted 4 folders and 180 .as files???

      I was working on a large web site in Flash CS 5.5 on my hard drive Mac Pro V10.6.8, 6GB of memory. 176.78 GB of space left on the drive.



      I had set up the project in the Flash projects panel. I was opening files with"File open" and working on them. I have my fla files in a src folder and my classes in a com folder. This was the setup of my com folder.



      I was working in Flash and it crashed, when it started up again. It didn't offer me a temp file and all the files in the com folder have been deleted except for the greensock folder. But even the greensock folder was missing files.


      I went to the recent files when I click a file name I got this error.


      I have searched my hard drive by name for the files and can't find them. They are not in the Trash.

      I have talked to three different Adobe tech support people in India they all tell me the files can't be recovered and they don't know why it has happened and don't even seem to care that their program has deleted hours of work. I am waiting on yet another tech support person to call me back. Does anyone know why this has happened? I have been working in Flash for 11 years and never had it delete 186 files when it has crashed.