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    "Unhandled win32 exception occurring in RoboHTML.exe[2056]."




      I've recently converted my HTML help system to RH 9. I initially had some trouble with an unhandled exception that triggered the Visual Studio debugger. Following an instinct, I looked for and renamed any files and folders whose names contained apostrophes, and the trouble seemed to go away.


      Things have been going well, until I tried to build today. When I try to build my project, I receive the subject error message in the Visual Studio debugger. The failure occurs within seconds of posting the "Updating files..." message in the Output view.


      Are there any build log files I can look at to help me figure out what is causing this problem? 


      I've recently built some other, smaller HTML projects without any trouble so I have to suspect some kind of trouble with this specific help project.


      I'm a pretty experienced RH user, but have rarely had to do any serious troubleshooting, so I have no clue where to start. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Anyone who wants to contact me directly can send email here.


      Thanks in advance,

      Mary Schoppmeyer