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    Push View with Context



      I am trying to push a view and pass context along with the data so my view can respond accordingly.


      I am pushing the view as follows:


           navigator.pushView( MyViewClass, data, "myContext" );


      In MyViewClass, I can access the 'data' property but the 'context' property doesnt appear to have a value.  So, either I am not using/passing it properly, or there is a bug. I suspect the former is more likely. 


      I am using the Adobe Flex 2.6 SDK.

      Any ideas or suggestions here?


      Many thanks,



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          _Greg_ Level 1

          Sorry, let me add a few more details here...


          In MyViewClass, in the viewActivateHandler, I get an 'undefined property' error when I try to access 'context'.  Again, I can access the 'data' property object just fine.


          Txs again,