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    Time Lapse import from GoPro


      My Gopro camera has a time-lapse option/feature that takes one photo every X seconds.  You can then import those photo stills onto your computer, which I have done.  For a 30 minute time-lapse "video," I've collected a little over 1000 stills and have uploaded them into Premiere Elements 10's Project area.  Is there a way to move more than one still photo at a time from the Project area to the Timeline?  The only way I can see how to move the stills to the timeline is to drop each individual photo into the next frame, which, as you can imagine, is going to take forever.  Isn't there a way to select all or move all stills from the project area to the timeline without having to click on each individual still...then move it over to the box, then unclick..then move it back...1000 times?  Please tell me there is a way...please...

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If your photos are named so that the will appear in alpha-numeric order in the Media panel, you can grab the entire block at once and drag them all to the timeline.


          BTW, before you bring them into the project:

          1) Ensure that your photos are no larger than 1000x750 pixels in size to avoid overloading the program.

          2) Go to Edit/Preferences/General and set the still photo duration. You can set them to be one frame each, for instance, to create a stop motion animation sequence.