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    cannot export HD from Premiere Pro CS5.5 XDCAM HD 420 projects

    Peter J Burn Level 1

      Most of the sources material is XDCAM HD 420 35 MPS.  There are a few MOV clips in there as backgrounds and some, not many Boris Red 5 transitions.  No matter what I try, I cannot export to Bluray.  I cannot make a bluray via dynamic link.  I was able to export NTSC AVI files of each of the five modules, rebooting the computer after each of the 5 exports and not rendering the effects in the timeline.  Used the AVIs to make the FLV and WMV clips.  However, I still need to make a Bluray in order to get paid.


      Is there such a thing as a corrupt project?  This project started its life as CS5 but it started endlessly indexing renders (I mentioned that before a few months ago but with CS5.5) so I brought it into CS5.5.  If I render the effects in the work areas it starts the indexing renders circle dance so I don't bother, jsut exported to AVI.


      I've removed ALL unused media and ensured that every one of the 5,000 files is in the single directory on an AVID SCSI Ultra320 RAID.


      I cannot export via Project Manager, it just quits.


      Any ideas are welcomed.


      I am running this on a Supermicro MOB with two quad XEONs, 32 gig RAM, nVidia QuadroFX 3800 and two channel Ultra320 SCSI.  Win7 64 bit Ultimate.  I tried swapping the Quadro for a GTX 570 but nothing improved.




      Peter Burn