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    NetStream connection is slow




      I have a problem with NetStream for connecting to other client directly. I found that connecting directly and sending packets to a bunch of other peers using NetStream is very slow especially on Unix machines. As the number of connection increase the CPU load increase significantly. I have a simple flash application use to reproduce the problem, this app will connect to all other remote peers and sending packets with a constant rate. I have tested this application by running the app on 15 different Unix machines and as a result CPU Load on all of the machines goes to 100% at all the time as soon as they connected to each other and start sending packets.


      This problem also can be reproduced on Windows machine if you run a lot of instances (e.g. run > 50 peers, one peer/machine).


      From those tests, I also noticed that the NetStream constructor can be very slow, as the number of peers increases the time require for constructing a NetStream is also increased. It can take up to a couple of seconds.


      Is anyone else having the same issue? Is there any workaround to this problem? Any help would be appreciated.