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    Help making replica magazine page?


      Hi everyone.


      I am having a hard time making a replica of this page from a Highlight Children's Magazine in inDesign CS5. http://i39.tinypic.com/5ofhu8.jpg  Yes this is for a project for my school,but I don't understand my professors directions. I've asked him countless of times how to approach this and all he says is "I've explained it already".  I have with me some scans of the word highlight and the logo they use.


      I have two main concerns:


      1. How would I go about getting the mouse and the red box + text together? I know it has something to do with the text warp tool (I believe) but I would appreciate a little bit more feed back on this concept.


      2.How would I get the text of the paragraphs to resemble the same structure (so that everything matches up perfectly)?


      I'm sorry I can't further explain it in details. I'm not experienced in this program but I really want to learn with some proper guidance.


      Thank you to anyone and everyone who comments/ assists!


      P.S. Any other pointers would be appreciated as well

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          Michael Gianino Level 4

          There are some good books on learning InDesign. Is there a text for the course you are taking? I ask because you may already be using one.There is also Lynda.com, which has video lessons that you can subscribe to on a monthly or yearly basis, plus a few that you can view free of charge. Rather than tell  you step-by-step how to do this, I think it would be better for you to get with one of the other students and see if the teacher is really not communicating well, or if maybe you just need a little extra help. You may also need to speak up in class if you don't understand something.


          DannehJ wrote:


          I know it has something to do with the text warp tool (I believe)…

          Actually, it's the text wrap tool (text warp is a different kind of thing, and my appologies if that was just a typo). Text wrap is what pushes text away from an object like an image or text frame, so that's what you want. Text Wrap is in the Window pull-down.

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            DannehJ Level 1

            Thanks for the reply Michael.


            We actually do not have a textbook for this course. My professor says we don't need any but I'm in doubt of that. I'm not alone with feeling lost as I've seen and experienced. I'm pretty close with my classmates and I've been asking everyone how their progress is going along and most are just as stumped as I am. I have no problem with asking questions but I feel like the "bravery" of that concept is ruined when he says "I've explained that".  I managed to mess around with the text warp tool and get the mouse + the retangular textbox to get them united. The paragraph style situation I'm still trying to work out. I guess I'll give Lynda.com a try.




            Oh text WRAP tool. Oh ok thanks for pointing that out

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              Michael Gianino Level 4

              Obviously I don't know the dynamics of this course, or the instructor, but there is a balance between the two extremes of "the teacher will spoon-feed you" and "it's your responsibilty to learn this, so I'm going to give you as little as I can." The teacher won't be doing you any favors with either extreme, but as much as you have an obligation to try and learn, they have an obligation to teach. You may need to get a consensus of your classmates and have a talk with the teacher to see if you can meet in the middle. If the whole class doesn't get it, that's probably on the teacher, but if most everyone gets it but you, you probably need some extra help. Maybe recording the class might help, and definitely take good notes.


              And if you have specific questions, this forum is a good resource with many people willing to help. But, like any online forum, if it looks like you're just asking for someone to do the work for you, you won't get a lot of sympathy.


              Also, I've seen many recommendations for Sandee Cohen's book (link here).

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                DannehJ Level 1

                Yes, I understand instructors don't need to spoon feed me. That's not what learning at a higher level is about anyway. I'm not trying to gain anyone's sympathy either. I'm simply asking for guidance, not a novel word to word description of how to do things. I thought I would attempt to take matters into my own hands and try and get help from online until the next Indesign tutoring meeting. I've been trying things out myself with a combination of looking things up online. Just what I'm trying to accomplish specifically isn't working well and I thought and I feel like there's one significant segment I'm missing out on.

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                  Michael Gianino Level 4

                  I don't want to give the impression that I think you want to be spoon-fed or be sympathized with, so I'm sorry if that's how I sounded. If there is something specific I can help you with, I'd be happy to, but your initial question seemed a bit broad. If you can break it down a bit, I can probably help. And if you can say what you have tried, that might help me see how you are approaching this.

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                    DannehJ Level 1

                    Yes it did sound like that. But it's all right that's not the important thing. I will try my best to break it down again I'm sorry if my wording is bad. I really appreciate you still trying to help me.


                    I made a text box, pasted in the text I need to make the paragraphs of the specific page of the magazine I posted earlier. I then made three columns and measured out the gutter as well as aligned the text to the left. My question is why can't I get all the text to line up as perfectly as I want it to? Some parts of it will be right on the dot and be completely similar to the original, while other parts are way off. When  I alter the off pieces, I find myself with yet again with a few correct spots and a few off ones as well. I know I need to use paragraph styles but do I need to have one or more paragraph style? Or is it something else I am doing wrong?


                    Hopefully that will clarify it up. I tried really hard.

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                      Michael Gianino Level 4

                      I would use a paragraph style for each of the following:

                      1. Headline
                      2. Body
                      3. Subheads
                      4. Page Number
                      5. Date
                      6. Photo Caption
                      7. Boxed text for web info
                      8. Large centered red text
                      9. The photo caption


                      And a character style for:

                      1. Italics within the body
                      2. The "A" in the first paragraph


                      Some things can be done with local overrides, but if you need the same text style on another page, it's best to have a style you can use. Is the goal to make an exact replica down to the milimeter, or just a page that looks pretty similar? In other words, do you have to have the lines break at the same words as in the original, or just have columns of the same width? Can you post an image of the page you created (with hidden characters turned on in the Type menu)? There is a camera icon in the forum you can use, or link to a server file like you did in the first post. And feel free to ask me any follow-up questions you have.

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                        LouWrench Level 1

                        It occures to me that the project was started on the wrong foot.

                        Assuming your page is created with the correct borders you should create a text box with three columns with the required spacing.

                        Create a paragraph style for Body with the correct first line indent and hyphernation off.

                        Import you text, not copy and paste! Style all your text to Body

                        Then view text invisibles and get rid of all the tabs, unwanted returns, extra spaces etc. My guess is that is what is messing you around


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                          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                          It looks to me like the trickiest part of this is the big red text in the center of the page. You'll need to put that into two frames -- bang in the second by itself so it can be rotated -- then group them and apply text wrap to the group. The yellow supernova shape behind needs to be below everything else, and should not have text wrap applied.

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                            DannehJ Level 1

                            Thanks a lot everyone for your comments. It truly helped me out a lot considering I finally managed to get the text together to my likings.All there is left to do is to is readjust the mouse and the rectangular box. It looks kinda off and I know I can do better so I'll try again. I took into high consideration what each and everyone one of you (Michael, Lou, and Peter) said and I managed to get the text closer than I was expecting!


                            @Michael- Kind regards for helping me see where to apply character and paragraph styles. This helped a lot with keeping things consistent throughout my page.  But since you were wondering, I indeed had to have the same line breaks at the same words. I may send you a copy of the final piece once I'm done to see your thoughts of the replica overall.



                            @Lou- I imported the text as you said and that made a big difference actually. I totally did not pay attention to the hyphenations before you mentioned it. Those consumed a lot of space and eliminating them enabled me to get a tighter grasp of the the paragraph style I was searching for. Thank you.


                            @Peter- I didn't think about using two frames. I'll try it out anyway to see how that works as well. I at least created the yellow supernova in illustrator and brought it into InDesign by placing it inside the document.  Thanks for your help!


                            Thanks everyone for your help