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    Can't resize object

    Catherine Asaro Level 1

      Hello. I'm a beginning Flash user. I'm building my website using a flash template i bought. There is some sort of object (it's called sprite 45) that is like a box (I'll call it the Mystery Box). It is overlaid on a text box with my bio in the text box. When I run the test movie for the flash file, the bio comes up very narrow. It's width is constrained by the Mystery Box. It's really narrow, hardly more than an inch, which makes it hard to read the bio. It's possible to scroll the bio up an down, but it's still too narrow. I'd like to widen the Mystery Box. However, unlike the text box, it doesn't seem possible to do it.

      I have no clue what a sprite object is, and basically very little clue what I'm doing. Can someone help?


      Thanks for any help you can give.


      Best -- Cat