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    Problems With Viewing All of the Online Videos

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      I will try to explain my problem correctly, but my computer knowledge is not the best.  I try to keep Flash updated when a new version comes out.  I thought it was odd because at least 6 months seemed to have gone by with no notice from the Flash Player icon which after the last update appeared in System Preferences--->last row named "Other"--->Flash Player icon.  When I opened the Flash Player icon then to the Advanced tab, I saw that it was set to "check for updates automatically." I clicked "Check Now" and it said a newer version is ready to be installed so I heard this "new way" that was in my System Preferences just required one to "check now" and it showed that I needed to update.  In just typing this question/Problem to post and going through the steps I am describing I see my installed version is not up-to-date.  I have installed.  Even when I clicked "check Now" it does not tell me a newer version is ready to be installed.


      My main reason for posting this in the Flash Player discussion is I was alerted to a potential problem because it was very unusual that there was not a newer version for that long.  As I said, I am anal about keeping Flash Player updated because it seems to work better when I do.  However, when I installed the last version (or I should say when I let the installer do the installation of I have had nothing but problems when I watch the online news shows and other shows that can be viewed online. there is constant buffering, it can some times take close to an hour to watch CBS's Nightly News which usued to take abput 25 minutes with a clear, straight stream of the newscast.  I was going to uninstall this version and reinstall the latest version, but the Instructions I used to use from the Adobe website seem to been removed and I could not locate any current Instructions for installing the latest Flash Player version on a Mac OS 10.6.8.


      Does anybody know why when I was writing this post and I clicked to "check now" to see if there is a more current Flash version it just closed System Preferences, but it took me to the webpage that lists the current version and I see that the current version for MacOS using Safari is not there was a more current version I think it said.


      so I have these 2 problems now.  the shows I watch on My MacBook Pro 64-bit.


      the Instructions I used to have marked had 1 webpage that went step by step to uninstall the current Flash version and the 2nd webpage had a step by step on how to install the current Flash version for Mac.  Are those gone now for the automatic update that is supposed to occur when I click the Flash Icon in System Preferences and "Check Now" and if there is a newer version it shold automatically update it to that version but in checking tonight when I was writing this post to make sure I was using the correct terminology I see that there is a newer version so the automatic update is not working.


      What really bothers me is the quality of how the online videos playback since the version was installed.  ABC News with diane Sawyer, CBS tonight News, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, etc.


      Any suggestions on how to get the good quality the online videos used to playback and why the automatic update is not working or better yet, are there the Instructions available anymore that used to be posted and Adobe recommended to follow when a newer version was available?


      Thanks for any help.

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          Can you explain how the video playback is poor?  Is it not smooth?  Blocky?  something else?


          As for the automatic update, is "check for updates automatically" selected in your Flash Player control panel?  Can you check for the presence of a "mms.cfg" file in either /Library/Application Support/Macromedia or your home folder's /Library/Application Support/Macromedia?



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            Chris- The online videos (I hope I am using the right term so I do not mislead you) buffer about every 10 seconds.  Stop, start.  Even when I enlarge the screen to make it the size of the 15" display sometimes it will not even playback.  It is just the picture that was present when the size was the normal size but the words keep going.  Also when I go back to the normal size the entire picture is off center.  If a person's head was center when I enlarged it and things looked like they would when the filmed the story, when I go back to the normal size (toggle back and leave full screen mode) the person let's say who they were talking to in the twister report, I can just see the very top of his head.  the video does not start out like that, only when I go to full screen and back to normal size screen.  there is no  stuttering, just the words stop (talking stops) and the buffering line in  the middle of the video playing will come on for a few seconds, they will start talking again for a few seconds, and back to no words heard.


            when the Flash Player icon was installed in System Preferences (I did not install it, it was installed when I updated to a newer version.  One day I saw it in System Pref. and I was surprised) about 2 versions ago, only one time did it alert me that there was a new update.  I did see that there was a newer version yesterday when I checked by clicking the Flash Player icon in Sys. Pref. (check for updates automatically is checked but it appears to not be working except one time it warned me of a newer update without me clicking check Now.  But yesterday, I clicked Check Now and it did not even warn me there was a newer update.  I had for snow Leopard installed.  When I clicked "Check now" it did not alert me there was a newer version but I went to the flash Player page that tells you what it the latest version  and I saw that a newer version was out.  I used the instructions instead of the Flash icon in system pref. to update to the latest version  I updated it to that version manually that showed up here http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ as the latest version.


            Now for "mms.cfg."  Let me look.  Yes check for updates automatically has been selected since it was installed.  whenever it was installed it was installed with this selected.  I am assuming you mean the Flash Player Control Panel as the Flash Player icon on the last rom called "Other" in System Pref.


            In Finder the first one I assume you mean to check in Mac HD/Library/Application Support/Macromedia.  NO, it goes to Shockwave 10 after Macromedia.  In my Home folder, nope, not there either.


            I did notice when I checked to see if the newest version installed in Safari 5.1.2--->Help-->Installed Plug-Ins that thereis something I never noticed before.  Under Shockwave Flash there are 2 applications now, there just used to be shockwave Flash but the first one is called FutureSplash Player under Description I do not remember ever seeing this before.


            Thanks, I hope this helps. I almost feel like I should go way back to a version when I did not have all of these troubles.

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              chris.campbell Adobe Employee

              To rule out an installation issue, could you try a quick test and install and viewing the video with Chrome?  Do you see the same problems?


              If you want to try and go back to a previous version, please see these two FAQ's:


              How do I do a clean install of Flash Player?

              Where do I find previous versions of Flash Player?




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                what would you recommedn I do?  I thought it was interesting I was reading posts that people were not even able to get this version to install.

                what do you think about under Installed Plug-Ins---> shockwave Flash---> 2 applications there now when just shockwave flash used to be there, now there is also FurureSplash Player.  Are you familier with this and why would it all of the sudden by under shockwave Flash?


                I am not good with computers.  I do not understand what you mean about "install and viewing the video with Chrome."  I see chrome now when searching Google but I have no idea what it is and what it means to install and view the video with chrome.  is chrome a browser?  Is it compatible with Mac OSX Snow Leopard?  that is all I need is another browser issue




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                  sorry for all the questions-I like to learn.


                  I would not even know what version to go to.


                  did that tell you anything that the "mms.cfg" file was not found in the places you told me to look?


                  On the one page to do a complete uninstall it says toward the bottom;

                  "At this point, Flash Player should be fully removed from your system.  To download the most recent version of the Player for installation, please see these FAQ's:"


                  Where can I find direct downloads of Flash Player 11 for Windows or Macintosh?

                  Where can I find direct downloads of Flash Player 10.3 for Windows or Macintosh?


                  What does it mean where can I find direct downloads of Flash 10.3 for Windows or Macs and where can I find direct downloads of Flash 11 for Macs?  I have no idea what these 2 mean, but I would like to know.