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    Mastering HDV 1080i

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      I'm starting wonder what the best format is to master my various HDV 1080i projects in. If I simply go with 'match sequence settings' in AME, is that the best I can get? I've checked these export files and one thing I notice is the data rate is 19.1Mbps whereas the the original camera files are 25.3Mbps - so assume I've lost something there?


      Is it worth using 'maximum render quality' AME setting with HDV 1080i? This I've noticed doesn't rectify the above data rate loss.


      I tried exporting a HDV1080i project using a similar spec'd H.264 preset - but after hours of exporting it came out jerky (should I have used 50fps?)


      Bit of a minefield - just simply want to export in it's native format or better.





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          Don't use Match Sequence Settings. Exporting HDV in it's native format is done by exporting to tape. Nevertheless, you will have a generation loss even with MRQ (Master Render Quality) turned on. With MRQ on the export will take huge amounts of time, because you have to turn off hardware MPE, so the export process will be ridicuously slow, but you have no alternative, because not turning on MRQ will result in even more quality loss. I have complained about this for a very long time, but it seems it has no priority at Adobe to solve it.


          For Mastering you may be better of exporting to Lagarith or UT, both of which are visually lossless codecs and free. You can't keep the original quality better than that. H.264 will result in more quality loss because of the encoding required.

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