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      Hi All,


      I really need yours help.

      i have a multiple tab in my website and while tab navigation i (author) want to add component , for that i want to add a parsys so that author can add multiple component under one tab . please advice me how to do that.

      e.g author can add multiple component under Social tab ,and same for other tab also. I am includng parsys under each tab , but that is not working .


      please help




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          kasq Level 3

          Hi Amitdstar,


          It depends on your implementations of tabs component.


          One simple solution is to create template (for example: Content Page Tab Template) with parsys inside which will be used to create a content for one separate tab and then in the page in which you want to insert multiple tabs you are creating tabs component in which you only give contributor a possibility to select for each tab a path to page which contains a content created by Content Page Tab Template.


          This main component will use path to retrieve a components included in the parsys and then using  <sling:include> tag will include specific component with content.


          Second solution is to create a for each tab different parsys, for instance:


          <cq:include path="tab1-parsys" resourceType="foundation/components/parsys"/>

          <cq:include path="tab2-parsys" resourceType="foundation/components/parsys"/>



          and then include inside different parsys the same components.


          I hope it is clear,