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    StageWebView Issue




      I need some assistance with StageWebView on Android.   The code used to load the page is below.


      The code works everytime on my iPad and on the desktop emulator, but only sporadically on my Android tablet.


      The page will sometimes load, but other times StageWebView will come up blank with no error returning.


      webView = new StageWebView();

      webView.stage = HelpWindow.stage;

      webView.viewPort = new Rectangle(HelpWindow.x + 5, 50, HelpWindow.width - 55, HelpWindow.height - 60);

      var activity:File = File.documentsDirectory.resolvePath("Help Files/activity.html");



      I am using Flash Builder 4.6.


      Thanks for any assistance

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          In which function are you putting your code? is it in creationcompletehandler or is invoked when you click a buttom or other thing?

          Maybe this works if it is in creationcomplete: change it for addedToStage, because maybe stage is not ready, and you are trying to use it.