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    Adobe Flash Silent Deployment (Browsers Open????)


      Hi guys,


      I've been deploying flash to about 4,500 systems. I monitor to see if Webbrowsers are open before performing the silent install with the -install switch for the exe installer. Some users always leave there browsers open so it never gets installed. My question is would it be a big deal to perform the isntall with browsers open?? I'm sure the install may fail if the browsers are actually using the Flash Player plugin.





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          I always run the uninstaller before installing the new version and have found that you will have some installations fail if the browser is open during installation due to files in the macromed\flash folder being tied up. I just do my installs only when no user is logged on to get around the problem and the installs that I put in Run Advertised Programs are scripted to close the browser as part of the install process.


          I would also recommend you get setup on the distributuion site so you can use the .msi installer(s) which is a cleaner solution IMHO.


          I would avoid doing the install if the browser is open if possible. I have done deployments and ran the install while browsers were open and saw a measurably higher failure rate. Most would install OK but a browser restart was needed for Flash to work and this caused a high call volume for the help desk.

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            Thanks Fergusonv that's what i figured. I would run it only when users are logged off VIA SCCM, but the majority of users here just stay logged in all the time .


            I am setup on the distribution site. We've always used the Exe isntaller seems to be a faster install for us.