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    InDesign 5.5 constant crashing Lion (clean installation). Please help.


      I have been having a constant battle to get InDesign to work on my iMac since installing Lion.


      I have erased my hard disk twice to reinstall the system from scratch (installing Snow Leopard first, then Lion — all my Time Machine backups in SnowLeopard have been replaced by a single Lion backup so I can't go back to Leopard without losing all my preferences for other Apps).


      I have also removed ALL fonts, both from the Library and FontAgent Pro.


      I even used a new, clean Admin User but, after installing InDesign 5.5 (having previously Unstalled it, and deleted the Adobe Indesign Preferences folder in my (now hidden) library) the problem persists. I HAVE WORK TO DO!


      Below is the crash report. If anyone can help I'll be SO grateful... fingers crossed someone will spot something.