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    Importing XML table does not come in properly

    pathblaster Level 1

      We  have been importing many xml files into InDesign layouts for several years. It is only recently that we have been seeing many of these xml files coming in totally the wrong way. They apparently are formatted the same as before. We open them up in Dreamweaver to check what may be wrong, but there is nothing distinctively different.


      They should all come in as tables, but now are coming in as text, although the tagging in the XML file is strictly as a table.


      Are there any kind of invisible attributes to an XML file that may make this happen?


      This is InDesign CS5 (7.0.2).

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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          Perhaps you have the line endings misformatted, or the maybe a unicode BOM problem, or the file extension? But I would tend to suspct your file is misformatted. Try reducing it to the smallest possible sample (just a row or two in your table) and then trying it, and if not, upload it here, using the advanced editor and >> Insert XML.


          But before you do any of that, upgrade to 7.0.4. 7.0.3 fixed huge numbers of bugs; you should not be using 7.0.2.