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    Why does Premiere Pro stop, or drop frames when using the Timecode Effect.

    nexgenVP Level 1

      The Timecode Effect is gpu accelerated, the render bar is yellow and it still drops frames.

      If it drops frames on a yellow bar, how can I ever trust it to print to tape? It wouldn't be a problem if I could say render the yellow sections of my edit, but it won't because the bar is not red. Very frustrating!

      Running 64bit windows 7;

      gtx470 graphics card;

      12GB of memory (9 reserved for Premiere)

      Raid 0 _ Speed Tested Excellent

      working with uncompressed black magic 1080i AVI's

      It seems to happen when I have overlapping clips with the Timecode Effect on one or both. Plays fine if just a single clip with the effect.

      Any help would be great, hopefully I'm just missing something simple..