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    Why does Premiere Pro stop, or drop frames when using the Timecode Effect.


      The Timecode Effect is gpu accelerated, the render bar is yellow and it still drops frames.

      If it drops frames on a yellow bar, how can I ever trust it to print to tape? It wouldn't be a problem if I could say render the yellow sections of my edit, but it won't because the bar is not red. Very frustrating!

      Running 64bit windows 7;

      gtx470 graphics card;

      12GB of memory (9 reserved for Premiere)

      Raid 0 _ Speed Tested Excellent

      working with uncompressed black magic 1080i AVI's

      It seems to happen when I have overlapping clips with the Timecode Effect on one or both. Plays fine if just a single clip with the effect.

      Any help would be great, hopefully I'm just missing something simple..