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        Robbie2006 Level 1

        I don't see why we need to do a registry clean etc., etc.,Adobe are supplying a product that doesn't work properly, it runs slow on a Mac and a PC and it looks like the problem lies in the software that Adobe supplies.

        I did manage to try out the new features like selective noise reduction but each adjustment took about 4 seconds, the results were good but the time delay is unworkable.

        Does anyone out there know if Adobe are working on a fix and if so when will we know if it is fixed, will we get notification of LR4.1 or something so we can download something that works this time.

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          Well Robbie - LR is a very powerfull tool. very complex algorythm take place here and they get more and more and each one must interact with each other. It must fit to all computers out there and it shall work properly. also i am sure adobe has certain release dates and must hold them. software TODAY and being one of the first persons, working on it meens ALWAYS being a kind of a beta tester - always the same and belive me rhino and CAD world is much much much worse than this product. i am happy that there IS a workaround that worked for me, cause most of the time we do not even have this oportunity! i am sure adobe listens and is working hard on these fixtures like it happened on lr3. be patient and wait and they´ll do their job, i am sure. till then everybode can work on lr 3.6 and have some fun doing testing lr4.



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            A C G Level 1

            "I don't see why we need to do a registry clean etc., etc."


            Neither do I Robbie......


            But the value of a forum like this is sharing ideas about work arounds to enable us to use the product whilst Adobe is fixing it.


            I don't believe Adobe are not aware of the problem. It would be grown up PR to have a token presence on this thread to admit it - but I don't run Adobe.


            In the meantime lets concentrate on helping each other reach the goal of a useable LR4.



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              P L E A S E   R E A D  

              If I develop a photo then immediately close Lr4, it always gives me an error: "Adobe Lightroom is not finished writing metadata changes into XMP..."

              If I wait 5 seconds or so before attempting to close Lr4, I dont get the error. This error is 100% reproducible in every situation I have tried including in a brand new Lr4 made catalog with just one image in it.


              I can not get this error to occur on Lr3 even with my catalogue of over 30,000 pictures.


              Can you generate this error?

              If so, I suspect this error is related to the performance problem of Lr4. It suggests that Lr4 is indeed occupied doing something that Lr3 was not busy doing.




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                I run i5@4.5ghz, 8GB ram, W7sp1. Initial impressions with LR4 beta were also general sluggishness in navigating around and when switching between 100% pictures to build the 1:1 previews. For me it improved when I deleted the folder "Previews.lrdata" (but kept the catalogue file!) and had LR4 rebuild the previews/100% views from scratch not relying on old database import from LR3.5 (appx 25000 pics). Also, the thing which I noticed is that in Library mode initially zooming into 100% view to build full view takes a bit more time than in Develop mode. But as it is currently only about 1.5 seconds for LR to build full 100% view, then it is not too bad compared with LR3.5 (roughly 1 sec). Sliders move around very smoothly and adjustments appear instantly as well.


                Just in case, CrapCleaned the registry and installed fresh set of video card drivers as well. Did not make much difference but made me feel a bit better


                Probably the reasonable thing to do is first unistall 4 beta before going for 4 full (I did not do that) but when looking at the installation of LR4 full, seems it unistalls beta anyway.

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                  Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  If I develop a photo then immediately close Lr4, it always gives me an error: "Adobe Lightroom is not finished writing metadata changes into XMP..."

                  If I wait 5 seconds or so before attempting to close Lr4, I dont get the error. This error is 100% reproducible in every situation I have tried including in a brand new Lr4 made catalog with just one image in it.

                  Do you have "Automatically write changes into xmp" checked in catalog settings->metadata ? If so, that is a well-known performance hog. Most people do not need to have this setting checked as it is only useful if you want to load the images in Photoshop without simply telling Lightroom to open the image but by using Bridge or by opening the image directly in Photoshop. My guess is that you somehow have this setting checked in your LR 4 catalog and not in your LR 3 catalog.

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                    kkelln@sasktel.net Level 1

                    I have WRITE CHANGES checked. However, this is not my point. I have it checked for BOTH Lr3.6 and 4. When I open 3.6 using any catalog - from a brand new one with ojnly 1 photo to my 30k catalog, if pic an image, go into DEVLOP and change just about anything, then immediately click the CLOSE button, Lightroom closes without issue. However, in Lr4, regardless of which catalog I use (when I have WRITE CHANGES turned on), if I perform the exact same experiment, I get the error 100%^ of the time. If I wait a few seconds then attempt to close Lr4, I do not get the error. This strongly suggests that Lr3.6 and Lr4 are behaving very differently behjjind the scenes. Lr3 deals with my changes and writes them into the XMP faster than I can move my mouse up and click the close button. Lr4 takes about 3 seconds to write exactyl the same data. On my machine, which is a rocket ship, that is very telling.


                    Can you try this experiment and see if you have the same finding.




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                      Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      It probably realizes it needs to rewrite the xmp for every single image in

                      your catalog when you do your change. Try explicitly saving metadata for

                      all files in your catalog (command-S with all selected) and wait until

                      that's finished and then do your test.

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                        Tried the rebuild previews at 100% workaround - no improvement for me.  I've been trying every workaround posted and haven't had any improvements.



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                          jason almeida

                          Same here ... I face the same sluggishness issue with LR4.... I expected the final release would fix the problem but it takes so much time rendering compared to LR3.6 ... I hope Adobe fixes this soon ... was actually planning of upgrading to LR4 but will hold for now

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                            I too am experiencing slowness on even an SSD drive with 16 g of ram, i7 2600k 3.4 ghz, i built this machine to be a lighroom dominator.  I will wait another month or two before i upgrade.  Maybe they will work it out.  I only have burning software, lightroom 4 and CS5 on this machine. 

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                              kkelln@sasktel.net Level 1

                              I will try that. But can you please try your rig. Just open lr4, go into develop, make a change, then immediately exit lr4 by clicking the X in the corner. Do you get the error?



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                                JamesS1981 Level 1

                                I'm running Windows Vista 32bit on a Q6600 2.4Ghz (OC'd to 2.7Ghz) with 4 gigs of ram (Vista 32 only recognizes 3.2 gig of memory) and LR2 and 3 always ran fine but as with most in this thread I'm experiencing the same slow, laggy, slugish behavior.  As others have stated I assumed that it was the beta and the LR4 gold would correct the problems but it hasn't other than being a little more polished.


                                Something that I've been trying with what seems like a positive effect has been going into LR4 Library Module and selecting a few images or even an entire directory that has already been converted to the 2012 Process and going to Library, Convert Photo to DNG.  Even though all of my images are already in DNG format (from as far back as LR2) it appears to do something to the DNG existing images.  In previous Lightroom versions when you ran the converter on existing DNG files it said it was done immediately but now it takes a little bit to complete.  After the the Convert process is done the Develop module seems to run much more smoothly.  Any Mask options like the Brush or Healing tool work fine also untill I get over a dozen history states then they start to slow some.  The develop slider (for me at least) respond almost instantly as opposed to directories where I have't run the Convert to DNG option on.  I have the Convert options set to default as far as Only Convert Raw Files, Delete originals, and Embed Fast Load Data are the only boxes checked and my JPEG Preview is set to None.  I don't know if the Embed Fast Load Data is really being generated after the fact since the files are already DNG but something seems to be helping as compared to the files and directories that I have not 'Converted'.  I've also played with the Update DNG Preview & Metadata but that didn't seem to have much effect. 

                                If anyone else cares to give this a shot, let us know if it has any effect for you.

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                                  UNSUBSCRIBE ME PLEASE!!

                                  • 114. Re: Lightroom 4 is slow
                                    DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                    If you need to adjust e-mails you get on threads you may have posted in, you need to make the changes to your "preferences" in your account.

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                                      hamish niven Level 2

                                      Have any of you tried converting some or all of your raw files to the latest DNG to see if there is any speed improvement?

                                      I convert all my photos to DNG - a personal preference, but I'm in the process of converting the DNG's to the latest dng - not the lossy format.



                                      My conversion from LR3.5 / LR4 beta has been


                                      • back up catalog
                                      • delete the previews file
                                      • convert / upgrade the catalog
                                      • Edit>Convert Photos to DNG, turning off the only convert RAW files and making sure the lossy conversion was off.


                                      As I'm converting 500 images, it's going to take a while, so until then, the question stands



                                      Does converting to the latest verstion of DNG help with speed improvements?

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                                        Like so many on this thread, I too found Lightroom 4 unusably slow. Picking up on what Jeff 2011 said, I went into one of my folders and selected a single Canon cr2 raw file and converted the image to DNG...that's right, just the one image. Somehow this seems to have flipped a switch in Lightroom 4, because now (so far) everything is running much, much faster-more like Lightroom 3 behaved. This is true for all of my Canon raw files, Fuji raw files and iPhone jpegs, including images using either the 2012 process version or the 2010 version . I'm running on a 2011 MacBook Pro with 8 gigs of RAM, under Mac OS X 10.7.3.


                                        I still have to run it through some more paces, but Lightroom 4 is now very responsive for me, even with all of the modules active. I'll post a follow-up if I find anything changes. It's really very bizarre to me that converting a file could change the behavior of the program, but it does feel like somehow it fliped a switch or changed a mode that the sofware was running in when first installed. This really is something Adobe needs to address right away.

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                                          A C G Level 1

                                          "converted the image to DNG"


                                          Sorry to be dim George. I never use DNG so don't know where to find the 'convert' command.



                                          • 118. Re: Lightroom 4 is slow

                                            I built a PC in Dec 2011 - 16GB ram, i7-3930k (3.2GHz)., etc.


                                            The other day I was doing an import using Lightroom 4, and somehow it used 100% of my memory.  Yeah, Lightroom 4 chewed up 16gb of ram.  I never saw anything like that with Lightroom 3.


                                            Adobe, please, please refine the engine in Lightroom 4 to make it perform better.  Right now, it's slow, sluggish and resource hungry, even for basic tasks.

                                            • 119. Re: Lightroom 4 is slow
                                              dennishh Level 1

                                              So disapointed in LR4 I just uninstalled it, will wait for fixes or version 5. So slow.

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                                                A C G Level 1

                                                Don't worry George.


                                                Dr Google told me "Select one or more photos in the Grid view, or select a single photo in the Filmstrip in Loupe, Compare, or Survey view. Then, choose Library > Convert Photo(s) To DNG."


                                                I'll see what magic it performs.


                                                EDIT. None.



                                                • 121. Re: Lightroom 4 is slow
                                                  Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                  No I don't get that error. Catalog with >20 k images on a core 2 duo Mac

                                                  book air (so pretty slow machine)  LR4 is not noticeably slower than LR 3.


                                                  Sent from my iPad

                                                  • 122. Re: Lightroom 4 is slow
                                                    sparksdjs Level 1

                                                    I tried the "convert one file to DNG workaround" and that appears to have worked for me.  I'll convert my LR3 catalog again as I did a fresh reinstall and give it LR4 a workout.  Thanks for the tip - I hope it holds!  (Win7 install).



                                                    • 123. Re: Lightroom 4 is slow
                                                      Califdan Level 1

                                                      I presume everyone who's having this problem has submitted a "bug report".  I don't know how Adobe assigns priority to thier issues and problems but I can't imagine that the number of people reporting the same issue is not a factor.    Here's the link to the "Feature request and bug reporting" web page



                                                      • 124. Re: Lightroom 4 is slow
                                                        kkelln@sasktel.net Level 1

                                                        I find it interesting that you dont get the error ...and that is consistent with your experience that Lr4 is responsive.


                                                        Anyone that finds Lr4 slugish, can you please try the following experiment: Just open lr4, go into develop, make a change to your photo then immediately exit lr4 by clicking the X in the corner. Do you get an error?


                                                        I think we will find that there is a 1 to 1 correlation between situations where Lr4 is slufgish and the error being generated, which is good news. It gives Adobe a great place to start to look at what is going on under the hood that is causing the error. Solving that problem is very likely the same as solving the responsiveness issue generally.




                                                        • 125. Re: Lightroom 4 is slow
                                                          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                          Sounds like there is a bug that is triggered by some specific

                                                          circumstances. I also find the observations of others that just touching a

                                                          single image (converting it to dng) fixes it for them. That is very strange.

                                                          • 126. Re: Lightroom 4 is slow
                                                            sparksdjs Level 1

                                                            After further testing, I can say that converting a single image to DNG has greatly improved performance.  Though it still lags LR3.6, it is now at least usable.  I do run into the out-of-memory error when LR4 memory usage gets up over 1GB (on 32-bit Win7) though memory is still available.  LR4 definitely chews up more resources than 3.6.


                                                            As another user notes, people do need to submit a bug report to get Adobe's attention.  I have a problem with another Adobe product and though the bug report on it has over 30 additional inputs, Adobe has said there are no current plans to address it because there have not been enough users reporting impacts.



                                                            • 127. Re: Lightroom 4 is slow
                                                              A C G Level 1



                                                              Unless I was looking in the wrong place not many of the participants of this thread have filed a bug report. It ought to be 'compulsary' from now !!!



                                                              • 128. Re: Lightroom 4 is slow
                                                                Mark Wycherley Level 1

                                                                I also did the convert a single image to DNG trick, which has at least made basic generating a preview on initial loading an image faster.


                                                                I am using a second monitor though, and actual image editing is then basically unusable - takes several seconds to adjust anything. If I disable the second monitor from LR4 menu, then it's fine. With the second monitor on (and using PV2012 or PV2010, but worse with PV2012), it's just 2-3 seconds of Mac progress spinner before anything happens. Defintely for me related to the rendering time for the second display - which is in full-screen Loupe mode. With LR3.6 performance with 2nd display was occasionally slow, but always tolerable. With LR4 it's unusable.



                                                                Should say - on further testing, the slow/intolerable editing performance is only with editing of images imported as part of an LR3.6 catalog. For images which are direct new imports to LR4, the editing performance of those new images with two monitors seems OK (under any PV). [Suggestive that what I am seeing is related to LR4's management of the image records in an LR3.6 imported catalog base].



                                                                [OS X 10.7.3, 17" MBP 2009, 3.06GHz Core 2 Duo, 8GB RAM, 7200rpm HDD, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M, NEC3090WQXi external, ~75k images in LR catalog]

                                                                • 129. Re: Lightroom 4 is slow

                                                                  Lightroom 4 isn't *slow*, here it's *unbearably slow*. every single action takes 2-5 seconds. literally. press "D". wait. drag a slider. wait. press "R" wait. change crop. wait. drag a sider. wait. press "G". wait.


                                                                  i have a resonably large catalog (almost 50k photos), but LR3 handled that fine. i've also freshly rendered previews for of the last years photos that im working on. the catalog wa simported from LR3, yes. but i can;t really be reasonably expected to start with a fresh catalog, when i have 50k images already i LR, can i?


                                                                  also, this is a 8-core Mac Pro with 14GB of RAM.


                                                                  this is ridiculous, i'll most likely have to go back to LR3 (and live with losing the bit of work i did in LR4, so far).

                                                                  • 130. Re: Lightroom 4 is slow
                                                                    A C G Level 1

                                                                    Mark and dwarf,


                                                                    Have you filed your bug reports......please.



                                                                    • 131. Re: Lightroom 4 is slow
                                                                      Scooby007 Level 3

                                                                      @ Dwarfland:  Lightroom 4 isn't *slow*, here it's *unbearably slow*. every single action takes 2-5 seconds. literally. press "D". wait. drag a slider. wait. press "R" wait. change crop. wait. drag a sider. wait. press "G". wait.


                                                                      Seems like there's definitely a problem with the install, or from the look of this thread a problem with the software, but only in certain environments.


                                                                      I have similar specs to yours (i7 3.4, 16gb ram, win7-64, 50k images in catalog), and I don't wait at all for anything like what you mention above, it's all instantaneous. It was with LR 3 as well.


                                                                      For me LR4 is noticeably faster than LR3, especially search and filtering. The new dng fast load data also speeds up the develop module. Batch writing of metadata to the catalog (keywords in particular) is also faster than with LR3. Oddly, batch writing of metadata to files from the catalog seems quite a bit slower.

                                                                      • 132. Re: Lightroom 4 is slow
                                                                        Mark Wycherley Level 1

                                                                        Tony. Not posted any bug report yet. Still playing with various things to try and narrow down what it might be based on what I am reading around the various forums.


                                                                        I just updated what I'd earlier said with more info related to it seems to be only those images brought in as part of a 3.6 catalog. Editing fresh images directly imported to LR4 does not seem to be slow.


                                                                        I am also assuming that Adobe folks are monitoring this forum. I'd be pretty sure they are...

                                                                        • 133. Re: Lightroom 4 is slow
                                                                          Gudselv Level 1

                                                                          I updated Lightroom from version 3.6 to 4 (no beta has been installed) and I noticed a serious (unacceptable) lag when dragging the sliders - especially the Clarity slider.
                                                                          The problem was only there when using 2 monitors AND the secondary monitor was using Lightroom's Loupe view (i.e. both monitors showed the same picture).


                                                                          My system: 
                                                                          Intel i7 975 overclocked to 4 GHz.
                                                                          6 GB RAM (1866 MHz).
                                                                          Videocard:  ASUS ENGTX280 OC.
                                                                          Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate.

                                                                          I use 2 CRT-monitors:  21'' (1920x1440, 85Hz) and 19'' (1600x1200, 85 Hz).


                                                                          I uninstalled the rather old videocard NVIDIA driver version 258.96. Rebooted and installed the brand new version 295.73 WHQL (dated February 22 2012), and that solved the problem with the lagging sliders.

                                                                          Conclusion:  it may be worth updating the videocard drivers if you experience the problem with the lagging sliders.

                                                                          • 134. Re: Lightroom 4 is slow
                                                                            Scooby007 Level 3

                                                                            @Gudselv - I use 2 CRT-monitors:  21'' (1920x1440, 85Hz) and 19'' (1600x1200, 85 Hz).


                                                                            Adobe does say dual monitors can seriously hurt LR performance

                                                                            • 135. Re: Lightroom 4 is slow
                                                                              Gudselv Level 1

                                                                              Yes but in my case the newest videocard driver solved the "lagging" problem.

                                                                              • 136. Re: Lightroom 4 is slow
                                                                                martin-s Level 2


                                                                                B r e t t wrote:


                                                                                Adobe does say dual monitors can seriously hurt LR performance


                                                                                Just out of interest, do you have a reference for that?

                                                                                • 137. Re: Lightroom 4 is slow
                                                                                  Scooby007 Level 3

                                                                                  @Martin...reference for that?


                                                                                  Optimizing LR perfromance, by Adobe (good document)




                                                                                  "Options that can help increase performance include:

                                                                                  • 64-bit, multiple core processor (for best performance, up to 6 cores. The extra power is especially important if you use multiple or high resolution monitors which require more power)."


                                                                                  I guess I over-paraphrased it, but I take "especially important" to mean the impact of multiple monitors can be significant

                                                                                  • 138. Re: Lightroom 4 is slow
                                                                                    Mark Wycherley Level 1

                                                                                    It is certainly correct that two monitors slows down LR relative to with one monitor, but in my case with LR3 it was never to the point of unusability.


                                                                                    Now I find that editing an image from my LR3.6 catalog in LR4 set in dual monitor mode is unbearable, BUT editing a new image imported directly into LR4 in two monitor mode is fine - the sliders react almost as fast as in one monitor mode. Import-as-catalog LR3.6 images are editable fine in LR4 in single-monitor mode (this is after doing the convert one file DNG trick which I think did improve things).


                                                                                    So for me the LR4 unworkably slow problem is a combination of import-as-catalog LR3.6 images AND dual monitor/loupe mode.



                                                                                    [The thing I have not yet tried is force LR4 to rebuild all my previews; I guess that is my next step, once I've re-read how to do it, but others have said it has not really improved their poor performance].

                                                                                    • 139. Re: Lightroom 4 is slow

                                                                                      I just upgraded to Lightroom 4 on Saturrday.  Yesterday, I took over 600 photos and have been simply trying to rate and keyword them.  Lightroom is unbelievably slow.  Switching images in the devlop module can take around 8 seconds.  1:1 views take at least 5 seconds to come up.  Evebn selecting a photo and then havbing the develop settings come up for that selected photo takes 5 seconds.  People have said the sliders are problematic.  Mine appear to be jerky but the results come up quickly after adjusting.


                                                                                      I did clear the preview folder which improved the performance somewhat but it comes to a crawl later on during my workflow.


                                                                                      Lightroom 3 was never a problem and I could switch between photos  really quickly and have its metadata and keywors appears virtually instantly.


                                                                                      I never have had Lightroom 4 beta and my PC is using the follows:


                                                                                      Asus P5T SE with 12GB RAM

                                                                                      Intel Core i7 920

                                                                                      Windows 7 (SP1) 64-bit

                                                                                      120GB OCZ Vertex Plus SSD system drive

                                                                                      and  Western Digital 2TB SATA


                                                                                      I only run one monitor and am using the latest AMD drivers for my Radeon HD6870.


                                                                                      I think I'm going to have to upgrade Ligthroom back to version 3.6 as it'll take me forever to go through those newly imported 600+ images and rate or reject and keyword them.

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