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    InDesign CS5 file won't open


      At my work, we are working on formatting a book in InDesign. We are using the same base template for each file. I created a front matter document with a table of contents (TOC), list of figures (LOF), list of tables (LOT), acronyms, and glossary using that base template. Everything worked fine; I was able to generate the TOC, LOF, and LOT, and could work with the file with no problem. Then I saved and closed the file. Later that day, I was unable to open the file.


      The message I get includes the statement, "You may not have permission or the file may be open already."


      No one else had opened it and there are no lock files. The other person using InDesign also cannot open it. I made a copy of the file and saved it in another location and still could not open it.


      The files are all on our network. We are using InDesign CS5 and Windows7 (64-bit). The only difference between this file and the others are the modifications that I made to some TOC paragraph styles so two paragraphs could be displayed side-by-side in the TOC (i.e., Chapter 1 Introduction all on one line, where Chapter 1 comes from one paragraph and Introduction comes from another by having no leading on one paragraph style).


      Can anyone suggest a solution for this? This is rather urgent as the client needs the book by the end of next week.


      Thank you so much for your help.




      Marina Michaels